We are committed to developing and promoting local artists by providing a welcoming artistic environment for them to learn, showcase their work, and be part of our artist collective.

Tara Peters is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists, has her own private practise, and works in the Vivid Psychology and Wellness center in Kensington.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.

In addition to her counselling practise, Tara has 20 years of experience working within the business sector specializing in human resources management, coaching, mediation, disability management, career and transition counselling. Tara retrained as a psychologist in her 40’s and she has always known this was her true calling.  “I feels honored that I am able to help people navigate through their struggles and I believe it is never too late to be what you want to be.”

Tara’s commitment to mental health and for all people to access mental health services is paramount in her practice and in her values.  She offers reduced rates, sliding scale, and pro-bono services to support those in need.
Tara is the proud mother of two children Sofia (13) and Oliver (9) and happily married to her husband Gunnar.  She has travelled to 37 countries and counting and believes her family to be “citizens of the world”.  Her passions and hobbies include travelling, cooking, and creating artwork specifically through mediums of epoxy resin and woodworking.

Tara is the owner of the not-for-profit art gallery, the Apik Art Gallery located in Eau Claire Market.  She is the chairperson on the board of directors and one of ten volunteers in this artistic collective.

“Our team are inspired by all things beautiful “apik” and committed to promoting local artists.

Our Artists

Katherine Lakeman,

“The vibrant work of Katherine Lakeman is a refreshing splash on the canvas of today’s art scene. Her distinctive style, keen sense of colour, and understanding of the subtle qualities of nature, combine to result in works of art that truly reflect the nature of each place she paints. Her work is both personal and universal, reflecting moments in her own life’s experience and capturing these emotive elements in a framework that is
common to us all. Surround yourself with her work, I have.” Lisa Christensen, art curator, art historian, and author.

Jessica Armas Noda

Jessica Armas Noda, is the person behind JessAN Creations. She is a passionate artist and teacher, originally from Cuba, now living in Calgary, Canada. She has been interested in art her entire life, expressing her creativity and feelings through the canvas. Inspired by nature, beauty and tropical life experiences, she creates colorful contemporary intuitive art. A private collector, closed to her mentioned: “The colors on your paintings, reflect the colors of your soul”.
Working primarily on acrylics, she usually employs intuitive painting as a background, using diverse tools to create shapes and textures. Then, she likes to apply negative painting, by drawing and doodling on top of the intuitive background, specially florals. She has experienced herself about the therapeutic and healing powers of creating art. Whether you are an art lover or an art creator, she wants to inspire you. Supporting other artists and giving back part of her sales to support Calgary Food Bank is one of her ways to show her altruism and gratefulness.

Karen Pennifold

was born and raised in Southern Alberta ( Nanton, Cayley and High River area). Karen loves nature and is always in awe of our mountain views and prairies. As a self taught artist; Karen enjoys working with many different mediums. Sketching and acrylics are certainly her favourite. Karen has always admired "The Group of Seven" who have influenced her greatly and are reflected in her art. Karen embraces the opportunity to share her work to inspire others who appreciate Canadian Art Work as well.

Parvin Ansari

Parvin Ansari was born and raised in India. She, along with her family, migrated to Newfoundland, Canada twenty years back and then moved to Calgary eleven years ago.  She was interested in art since her childhood, and during her college days she would take part in annual competitions and other functions. After moving to Canada, her hobby gradually turned into a profession.

Parvin is a self-taught, abstract contemporary artist. It is her belief that the use of bold, bright colors draws the viewer into a world of inspiration and order. She paints primarily with acrylics yet also loves to play with mixed media, alcohol ink, and resin. Her paintings range from acrylic liquid paint’s flow art to abstract, to chaotic creativity of bright random colors, and sometimes geometric lines. Her art is also inspired by nature and includes scenes from Newfoundland as well as the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, where she lived for a few years.

Indira Caro

Indira Caro is originally from Colombia and now calls Calgary home. Her interest in art dates back to middle school when she started using oil paints. Soon after, she was introduced to palette knife techniques and fell in love with how these tools allowed her to express herself. Since then, painting has always been part of Indira’s journey. Painting has allowed her to maintain a sense of balance and purpose throughout life. This passion has been combined with her professional endeavours, first as a Petroleum Engineer and now as a Registered Psychologist. Painting is her form of self-care, self-expression, and connection to others.

Her love for palette knife painting is greatly influenced by impressionists and post-impressionists artists. In her paints, she uses vibrant colours and loose strokes to compose the scenes. Indira’s paintings are characterized by a thick application of oil paint using a selection of different-sized palette knives. The paint is applied in both blended and pure colours allowing for free expression of form and colour.

Irana Afroz Art

Irana Afroz, a Contemporary visual Abstract Expressionist Artist, specialized in Acrylic & mixed medias. She started painting and learning art at the age of six. Her paintings are insightful, subtle in colour exhibition and intuitive with an aesthetic sensibility depicting the wonders of nature and life. Irana finds immense joy drawing, sketching, painting light and shadow tones, creating numerous brush strokes, palette knifed lines, assembling paint layers & textures to express her unique art compositions. The divine beauty of Rocky Mountains, lakes, sky and other elements of nature, inspires to explore her creative process which turned her into a Mountaineer Artist of Alberta. Most often taking her art supplies, Irana travels into these beautiful sights and starts creating a master art piece. Irana creates home décor & functional art pieces along with sculptures, wood art, wood frames etc.

Besides Fine Arts, Irana holds BBA and MBA degrees. Irana is an instructor for business and fine arts. She teaches art in her own “Irana Afroz Art studio”. Irana has participated in many art exhibitions nationally & internationally and continuing this Art profession with pleasure for two decades. Her art pieces are residing in many places worldwide & are considered as valuable collection. Irana means “Peace” and she aims to spread the ripple effects of kindness, hope & piece in this universe through her Art endeavours

Aliza Parvin

Aliza Parvin is a passionate artist who loves to spread joy. She has a master’s degree and undergraduate degree in geography and also holds a Bachelor of Education. Living in different countries, she has been exposed to a variety of art styles such as ikebana, thread art, acrylic painting, embroidery art and many more. She has taught young kids art and has been involved in a skill refining workshop herself. She has two full time jobs Cashier/Customer Service Manager at Walmart and a mom at home.


As a young girl, she grew up in a decorative household. Inspired by all things artistic, a passion grew within her to work on her artistic side. She started with the basics – pencil sketches, fabric flowers and thread art. From there on, her commitment has remained strong and she did not stop expanding her scope. Today, her art is highly appreciated among her friends and family. From there, she started to spread her art with one goal in mind – to bring a smile to the faces of the viewers.

Katarina D.Pistek

Earned her BFA degree from monumental drawing and painting department and restoration of old masters techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. She concurrently studied on exchange program at the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary and Multimedia Graphic Design. As a freelancer artist she has worked and lived in various places in Europe before moving to Canada where she works as an art instructor & therapist.
Katarina’s mixed media work combines large scale drawings, paintings on canvas or wood and sculptures. She predominantly works from observation and has explored a wide range of genres like landscapes, portraiture, figure, still life and three-dimensional realizations in wood and objects from nature like driftwood, pebbles, shells or tree bark.
In her artwork she wants to employ the world around her, which she feels a relationship with. Art is her chance to capture a special moment in nature’s infinite time to create and celebrate what is beautiful, noble or important to the human spirit.

Anna Hansen

May is the face behind the brand ANNA HANSEN. She was born in Venezuela and moved to Calgary in 2012. During her childhood, she was exposed to a variety of artistic expressions. She took ballet, jazz and organ lessons. She spent the weekends at the fine arts centre of her town. She also enjoyed writing in both forms, poetry and prose.  May has a Bachelor degree in Business. She has been in constant search of new adventures. She lived four years in the United States, moved back to her country of origin, Venezuela and a few years later moved to Canada where she has established with her family.


“During the beginning of the Covid crisis I went through a process of awakening. I reconciled with who I was, rediscovered my real self and I am living a whole new life since then. I discovered Watercolours, and happily gave into its powers. Then I played with acrylics, resins, clay, natural stones, and this way I stay connected to the main source of everything.“ Coming from a country rich in natural paradises, she appreciates the beauty of nature in Alberta and recreating it in her paintings. But she also gets inspired by the smallest and simplest things. She looks forward to continuing to grow as an artist while sharing her colours with the world.


Tracy Pacholok

Tracy is a self-taught artist and has been from a young age working with various mediums from

charcoal and watercolour, to acrylic and pastel, and has now added computer illustration, graphics

and photo manipulation/restoration to her repertoire with a certificate in Graphic Design from the U of C.

Tracy has also been a vocalist/performer/lyricist for a number of years lending a hand to another side of her creative pursuits.

“Art takes on many forms in life, it’s a passion that is contained in your soul, but it needs to be shared, to be fully enjoyed.”

Shirley Cabrito

Shirley Cabrito is a self-taught abstract artist based in Calgary principally using acrylic paint and resin and a current member of the in-house artists of Apik Gallery. What started out as an experiment in self-
expression quickly became a passion. Her love of colour and composition is evident in
each of her pieces. When she is in her studio, the dance and interplay of the colours and textures across her canvas is so entrancing that all the outside “noise” disappears and the process of creating becomes truly meditative. Her artwork is not limited to canvas and cradleboards. Her creations can be seen on furniture, charcuterie boards and coasters, making them not just show pieces, but functional art (“FuncArt”).
Shirley is also a wife, mother to three grown children, and four fur kids; 2 dogs and 2 cats. When not working in her home studio, you can find her at her local rec centre playing pickleball.

Christina Dowell

First and foremost, Christina is a Mother to a teenage boy, a daughter, sister, and auntie.

Christina's art journey began when she discovered a side of herself she didn't know she had. Way back when this last recession hit her home province of Alberta, Christina went to a few paint nites and was discouraged with her end results. She just KNEW she could do better! So she took it upon herself to learn and to try and to be open to trying new and different styles of painting.

Now her art consists of landscape paintings in acrylic and oils, fluid acrylic pouring, painted functional items like wine glasses and slate boards, as well as a line of fun clothing, purses and wallets, with graphics and sayings appealing to people from all walks of life and interest.

Her brand XWAG’D (pronounced SWAGGED) consists of her clothing and functional items.