Indira Caro

Apik Art Gallery

About Indira

Indira Caro is originally from Colombia and now calls Calgary home. Her interest in art dates back to middle school when she started using oil paints. Soon after, she was introduced to palette knife techniques and fell in love with how these tools allowed her to express herself. Since then, painting has always been part of Indira’s journey. Painting has allowed her to maintain a sense of balance and purpose throughout life. This passion has been combined with her professional endeavours, first as a Petroleum Engineer and now as a Registered Psychologist. Painting is her form of self-care, self-expression, and connection to others. 

Her love for palette knife painting is greatly influenced by impressionists and post-impressionists artists. In her paints, she uses vibrant colours and loose strokes to compose the scenes.

Indira’s paintings are characterized by a thick application of oil paint using a selection of different-sized palette knives. The paint is applied in both blended and pure colours allowing for free expression of form and colour.

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