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About Irana

Irana Afroz, a Contemporary visual Abstract Expressionist Artist, specialized in Acrylic & mixed medias. She started painting and learning art at the age of six. Her paintings are insightful, subtle in colour exhibition and intuitive with an aesthetic sensibility depicting the wonders of nature and life. Irana finds immense joy drawing, sketching, painting light and shadow tones, creating numerous brush strokes, palette knifed lines, assembling paint layers & textures to express her unique art compositions. The divine beauty of Rocky Mountains, lakes, sky and other elements of nature, inspires to explore her creative process which turned her into a Mountaineer Artist of Alberta. Most often taking her art supplies, Irana travels into these beautiful sights and starts creating a master art piece. Irana creates home décor & functional art pieces along with sculptures, wood art, wood frames etc.

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