Kateryna Pysarenko

Apik Art Gallery

About Kateryna

I am Kateryna Pysarenko, a Ukrainian artist born in 1987. I earned my master’s degree in graphic design from Kyiv, Ukraine, and have garnered over a decade of experience as a designer. Throughout my career, I have specialized in crafting intricate prints for clothing and tableware, honing my expertise in visual storytelling and design composition. However, my creative trajectory took a transformative turn in 2020 when I embarked on a journey into the realm of watercolors. This transition marked a pivotal moment in my artistic evolution, enabling me to express my ideas with newfound fluidity and depth.

As an artist, I explore the impact of the external world on the internal, merging psychology with art. My mission is to convey that peace and tranquility can be found in ordinary moments and objects, where everything can become a talisman and a source of strength. Furthermore, I strive to demonstrate that one doesn’t need to wait for something more beautiful than life and the objects around us. Each artwork embodies a compassionate story about how, despite the imperfections of the world and ourselves, happiness can be found by everyone.

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