Maria Mykhalap 

Apik Art Gallery

About Maria

Since I was a little kid, I’ve been drawing and painting, and it’s been a journey of pure joy and discovery. It led me to pursue my dreams, I graduated at “Crimean Art College by Samokish” and I graduated as an artist and art teacher. 

Back in my hometown of Yevpatoria, nature was like a boundless muse for my art. The town sat by the sea, and every wave, every sunset, seemed like a masterpiece waiting to be painted. My desire was simple – to translate this beauty onto canvas, to share with the world what I felt when I looked at the world around me.

And now, as I’ve moved to Calgary this winter, a whole new palette of nature’s wonders has opened up before me. But no matter where I am, the desire to capture the beauty of the world remains the same – a timeless inspiration that guides every brushstroke.

My favorite style of painting is realism, where I can capture the tiniest details of the world around us. But I also love to add a touch of abstraction to create a unique blend that brings out the beauty in unexpected ways. 

The heart of my artwork lies in showcasing the beauty of the world around us. From serene landscapes to captivating portraits, I want to bring wonder to your life.


I am currently working on a series of paintings that I have called “Naked Soul” Each of these paintings has a story to tell. “Naked Soul” – these paintings are like a candid story about a period that has influenced your life. I am very passionate about this subject and intend to write 50 stories – 4 of them are already finished and the 5th is in process.

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