Shirley Cabrito

Apik Art Gallery

About Shirley

Shirley Cabrito,YYC Artist, is a self-taught
abstract artist based in Calgary principally using acrylic paint
and resin and a current member of the in-house artists of Apik
Fine Art Gallery. What started out as an experiment in selfexpression
quickly became a passion. Her love of colour and
composition is evident in each of her pieces. When she is in her
studio, the dance and interplay of the colours and textures
across her canvas is so entrancing that all the outside “noise”
disappears and the process of creating becomes truly
meditative. Her artwork is no longer limited to canvas and
cradleboards. Her creations can be seen on furniture,
charcuterie boards and coasters, making them not just show
pieces, but functional art (“FuncArt_YYC”).

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