We are committed to developing and promoting local artists by providing a welcoming artistic environment for them to learn, showcase their work, and be part of our artist collective.

Tara Peters is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists, has her own private practise, and works in the Vivid Psychology and Wellness center in Kensington.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology.

In addition to her counselling practise, Tara has 20 years of experience working within the business sector specializing in human resources management, coaching, mediation, disability management, career and transition counselling. Tara retrained as a psychologist in her 40’s and she has always known this was her true calling.  “I feels honored that I am able to help people navigate through their struggles and I believe it is never too late to be what you want to be.”

Tara’s commitment to mental health and for all people to access mental health services is paramount in her practice and in her values.  She offers reduced rates, sliding scale, and pro-bono services to support those in need.
Tara is the proud mother of two children Sofia (13) and Oliver (9) and happily married to her husband Gunnar.  She has travelled to 37 countries and counting and believes her family to be “citizens of the world”.  Her passions and hobbies include travelling, cooking, and creating artwork specifically through mediums of epoxy resin and woodworking.

Tara is the owner of the not-for-profit art gallery, the Apik Art Gallery located in Eau Claire Market.  She is the chairperson on the board of directors and one of ten volunteers in this artistic collective.

“Our team are inspired by all things beautiful “apik” and committed to promoting local artists.

Our Artists

Jessica Armas Noda

Jessica Armas Noda, is the person behind JessAN Creations. She is a passionate artist and teacher, originally from Cuba, now living in Calgary, Canada. She has been interested in art her entire life, expressing her creativity and feelings through the canvas. Inspired by nature, beauty and tropical life experiences, she creates colorful contemporary intuitive art. A private collector, closed to her mentioned: “The colors on your paintings, reflect the colors of your soul”.
Working primarily on acrylics, she usually employs intuitive painting as a background, using diverse tools to create shapes and textures. Then, she likes to apply negative painting, by drawing and doodling on top of the intuitive background, specially florals. She has experienced herself about the therapeutic and healing powers of creating art. Whether you are an art lover or an art creator, she wants to inspire you. Supporting other artists and giving back part of her sales to support Calgary Food Bank is one of her ways to show her altruism and gratefulness.

Karen Riley

Karen has always been a “maker”, crafting like crazy with every medium available. Also, she was a “collector”, walking with her head down, picking up sticks, stones, and other objects to put in her projects.

She can pinpoint the exact moment when a small switch was triggered in her creative journey. It was during a personality profile at her job. The question had choices of words, and she was torn between “make” and “create”. Karen chose “create”, feeling like a bit of a fraud, but gradually it started to become her reality.

Since that time, Karen has a burning urge to create and it is part of her daily practice. She loves to experiment with all mediums and discover which ones she can mix together. Karen takes her inspiration from nature and human emotions to create something joyful. She feels fearless when she gets into a piece, and is thrilled when using a torch or power tools.


Susen Falk•Kiez

A native Calgarian and mother of two grown children, Susen grew up dividing most weekends and holidays between the family farm and the mountains, while she enjoyed summers with family in Europe. This gave her ample inspiration with which to fill the sketchbooks she always carried with her. An only child, Suse developed a rich imagination which she expressed through writing short stories, poetry, music, and by sketching.

A former professional make-up artist, Suse believes that creativity is in all of us and is communicated in myriad forms; cooking, gardening, sewing, building - any form of creative self-expression is an art form.

Working extensively in acrylics and watercolours, Suse creates colourful abstracts, fanciful expressionist figures, bold pop art inspired portraits, whimsical animals, and her celebrated landscapes with their vivid, dramatic skies, all brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colors, rich textures, and bold compositions. Often simplistic and stripped down, sometimes messy, sometimes sentimental; Susen’s paintings are like life itself.

Karen Pennifold

was born and raised in Southern Alberta ( Nanton, Cayley and High River area). Karen loves nature and is always in awe of our mountain views and prairies. As a self taught artist; Karen enjoys working with many different mediums. Sketching and acrylics are certainly her favourite. Karen has always admired "The Group of Seven" who have influenced her greatly and are reflected in her art. Karen embraces the opportunity to share her work to inspire others who appreciate Canadian Art Work as well.

Parvin Ansari

Parvin Ansari was born and raised in India. She, along with her family, migrated to Newfoundland, Canada twenty years back and then moved to Calgary eleven years ago.  She was interested in art since her childhood, and during her college days she would take part in annual competitions and other functions. After moving to Canada, her hobby gradually turned into a profession.


Parvin is a self-taught, abstract contemporary artist. It is her belief that the use of bold, bright colors draws the viewer into a world of inspiration and order. She paints primarily with acrylics yet also loves to play with mixed media, alcohol ink, and resin. Her paintings range from acrylic liquid paint’s flow art to abstract, to chaotic creativity of bright random colors, and sometimes geometric lines. Her art is also inspired by nature and includes scenes from Newfoundland as well as the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia, where she lived for a few years.