Cougar Climb

Size: 24*12*2 (Triptych)

Add a touch of the wild to your home with “Cougar Climb” a triptych set of wall art. This stunning piece features three panels are casted with lodgepole pine burl and live edge and set in vibrant colour shifting resin creating a mesmerizing and dynamic effect as the light hits it from different angles. Each panel is a unique and one of a kind and the middle panel has cougar paw print that has been intricately burned into the wood using pyrography.

This was a very personal piece for me as it was inspired by family, the Cougar Climb zipline and the lodgepole pine forests in Cypress Hills.

Product Features:

– Triptych wall art featuring three panels.

– Resin casted in lodgepole pine burl and live edge for a rustic look.

– Colour shifting resin creates a dynamic and eye-catching finish.

Tara’s original creations are all signed with her custom wax seal that adds a touch of elegance, uniqueness and authenticity to your artwork.


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