Where The Magic Begins

Size : Triptych-  16*16*3  (middle)  20*20*3

Introducing  Where The Magic Begins, a stunning triptych wall art piece that brings the beauty of the ocean into your home. This mixed media artwork features sculpted waves that come to life with textured acrylic and ocean color-shifting resin, creating a mesmerizing and dynamic visual experience. Product Features:

– Triptych set includes three panels that can be arranged to fit your space.

– Made with a combination of sculptured waves, textured acrylic, and ocean color-shifting resin for a truly unique look.

– Each panel is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind.

– Adds a touch of coastal charm and tranquility to any room.

– Perfect for beach lovers, surf enthusiasts, or anyone looking to bring a piece of the ocean into their home.

Tara’s original creations are all signed with her custom wax seal that adds a touch of elegance, uniqueness and authenticity. to your artwork.